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RapidWeaver Stack: StyleSwitchr


The Blueball StyleSwitchr v2.1 stacks allows any level Rapidweaver user to add in “Style Switching” to their Rapidweaver Stacks 2 pages. The 4 StyleSwitchr stacks adds 2, 3, 4, or 6 color style square boxes into the StyleSwitchr stack itself that a viewer to your site can click on to change the look of your site page by switching css style sheets in their browser.

The hud gives you VERY EASY TO USE options to set the StyleSwitchr div name, style box size, style box border color, and a color control to set the background of each style box. 6 default css style sheets are also included for you to add your custom css styling into, that you then drag and drop into the Resources area in Rapidweaver 5 to have them automatically linked to the StyleSwitchr stack you are using.

The StyleSwitchr stacks can be used with any Rapidweaver theme and the css styling you use can be as simple as just changing the background color on your site page to as customized as you want them to be. That’s completely up to you. StyleSwitchr is ideal for sites like photography sites, as an example, where different background colors may enhance the viewing of images versus using a theme’s stock background color.

The StyleSwitchr stack is completely self contained and does not rely on any external javascript files for it’s functionality. The Blueball StyleSwitchr stack is compatible with all major third party plugins and stacks.

StyleSwitchr v2.0 stacks require Stacks 2 and Rapidweaver 5+. A StyleSwitchr stack v1.1 is also included with your download for Stacks 1.4.4 and Rapidweaver 4 users. Browsers supported include Safari, Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Chrome, and Opera. Rapidweaver skill level: Beginner to advanced.