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RapidWeaver Theme: Fresco Theme

Fresco Theme

Update: Option added to have the Content Area with a 70% white background, good for darker Page backgrounds.

The Fresco Theme contains a variety of Headers, along with the option to have a slideshow. Want to use your own images? In Rapidweaver 5, it is as simple as dragging an image into your Resources, renaming it, and selecting the Resource Header Option. And in RW4 you can use RWMultiTool to change the headers or drag a snippet into the Page Inspector. In the Options you can also add a border around the images and choose a color. The Header Image can also be hidden.

Header Images and Page/Content Background Images included, along with the option to hide the Header Background and the Footer Background Color. By using a variety of options, you can style your page to get that perfect look.

prettyPhoto is included with Fresco allowing you to get the popular ‘lightbox’ effect. It is built into the Photo Page and activated with a snippet, and can also be used for any image or video on any page.

Page Widths are 900, 1000 and 1100 px. The Sidebar Area can be located on the right or left, include a divider or have the Sidebar hidden.