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RapidWeaver Theme: Mobi


The Mobi theme is a versatile, flexible theme that is built on a responsive layout. It provides an amazing platform on which to build a great looking site that will function well on both the desktop and mobile devices!

Its crisp, stylish design helps the Mobi theme showcase your blog, portfolio, business, or whatever else you might be building on the web.

Mobi offers a number of unique features such as its ExtraContent areas, its beautiful drop down menus, its great looking blog design and more.

Be sure to check out the product page for more information on this new theme. In addition to details regarding theme variations, you'll find several screenshots of the theme, a live preview site and a great walk-thru video.

Also included on the product page are a variety of tutorial videos that help you learn to use the Blog Entry Topper, guide you through the banner images, the basics of responsive sites and much more! We've also included a video where we tell you about the importance of building your pages a certain way for Mobi's responsive structure!