Analog for Mac launched back in 2011 and was a much loved app by many Mac users around the world. Unfortunately we ended up selling the app as we had too many projects on the go and couldn't give it the time it deserved.

Analog for Mac was acquired by Appuous in 2016, sadly they never really did anything with it. For many years, Analog was left to rot in the digital graveyard, due to system compatibility it was eventually removed from sale. It seemed a shame to let all that engineering and meticulously researched vintage effects go to waste. So, in 2020 we reacquired Analog for Mac and iOS.

Rather than try to resurrect the app (as the code is rather outdated by today's standards), we ported and updated the filter system to make it available inside of Squash 3 for Mac!

tldr; All of the vintage camera effects and borders that were built into Analog for Mac (and iOS) are now available for Squash 3 as addon filter packs 🤯