The Best Mac Website Builder.

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Build The Website You Always Wanted.

Build and publish modern, mobile-ready websites from the comfort of your own Mac. No code is required. Get started today.

Build a website app. No code required

The Freedom to Create the Website of Your Dreams.

Building a website doesn’t have to be complicated. Just because you never learned a lick of code doesn't mean you need to spend a small fortune to have a website built.

Imagine being able to build your own website without relying on anyone else. You could build a website for that new business idea you had, or an online portfolio to attract more clients.

You could start building websites for other people, maybe even start a small web design agency. Anything is possible.

Unsure How to Build The Website You Want?

Choosing the right website builder can be overwhelming, most online site building tools just aren't up to the job.

Building websites in a browser is slow and clunky.

An accidental press of the back button or the internet goes down and you've suddenly lost hours of work. It's frustrating. What happens if the online site builder you're using goes offline, or worse yet, gets hacked?

You don't have to put up with this uncertainty. There is a better way to build websites.

Choosing a website builder can be overwhelming

Join tens of thousands of customers that use RapidWeaver to build and manage amazing websites.

Best Mac Website Builder is RapidWeaver

Introducing RapidWeaver.
The Best Mac Website Builder.

Getting started with RapidWeaver is as simple as picking a beautiful theme from one of over 50 built-in. You'll edit page content using standard rich text or Markdown formatting; to add images, drag and drop from Your Mac, or use the app's media browser to import from your Photos library or the free stock-photo service Unsplash.

Managing webpages in RapidWeaver is as easy as managing files on the Mac. Create sub-pages and drop-down menus, and more.

It's drag and drop simple.

RapidWeaver's Simulate mode lets you preview as you edit, so you can see how it will look on different devices.

RapidWeaver has everything you need built-in to design and publish a website you can be proud of.

RapidWeaver Grows With You.

RapidWeaver is simple enough for anyone to get started with. As you get more comfortable with the basics you can start going further.

RapidWeaver has a collection of free training videos, a dedicated community, and 100's of addons, including, projects, themes, and addons.

The thriving third-party addon community allows you to build anything you want. Addons are listed on the RapidWeaver Marketplace making it easy to find the perfect extra for your site.

RapidWeaver is hands-down the most powerful and flexible website building tool on the Mac.

RapidWeaver Addons
webdesign support and help

We're Always Here to Help.

When you combine the power of RapidWeaver with our helpful community forum, you'll find there's nothing you can't build and no question is left unanswered.

If you're feeling stuck you can contact our
first-class email support. We pride ourselves on answering all emails, we're here to make sure you get your website online.

Get RapidWeaver today, and start building the website you always wanted.

No other web design software on the Mac comes close to offering all the amazing features in RapidWeaver.

MacFormat Choice Award Review

We think RapidWeaver has the edge. It feels more modern, is more expandable, can cope admirably with more ambitious projects and is simply a really nice app to spend time in.

RapidWeaver Macworld Review

A worthwhile upgrade for users ready to move on to something more robust than online web services.

Build a Professional Website

Everything You Need to Build A Professional Website

Hiring a design agency to build your website costs ten's of thousands of dollars and takes months of back and forth.
RapidWeaver for Mac costs just a fraction of that, and puts you back in control.

  • Build Unlimited Websites
    No need to pay for each website like online builders.
  • Publish Anywhere
    Pick the best value hosting that works for you.
  • Built-In SEO
    Get your website on the front page of Google.
  • Works Offline
    Never loose work again becuse of browser issues.
  • Addon Marketplace
    Extend RapidWeaver with 100's of powerful addons.
  • Community Forum
    Website builders like you come together to help one another.

Start Building Your Website Today

The RapidWeaver Bundle contains everything you need to start building your websites.

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Studio Bundle

RapidWeaver for Mac

What You Get
  • RapidWeaver ($00.00)
  • Premium Themes x 3 ($00.00)
  • RapidWeaver Community Access
  • First-Class Email Support
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