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Aspen RapidWeaver Theme.

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Features: Banner Import Stack. Autoplay Video Background. Animated Site Title. Parallax Effect. Drop Navigation. Site Logo Control. Scroll Down Advisor.

Quality at Scale

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Aspen theme for RapidWeaver can deliver amazing websites alone, and go even deeper into creative realms with the Stacks plugin. Aspen utilises the latest RapidWeaver Styles for phenomenal creative freedom, within an easy-to-use theme. Combine abundant theme features, style settings, and endless Stack layout possibilities, for a first class website experience - just waiting to be built.

Explore Aspen

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* Above demo pages are included with Aspen purchase.

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Split Stack. Included.

Create the popular sectioned website look, with the Aspen Split stack. Adding edge-to-edge content sections is a breeze, with this complimentary drag and drop Split stack. (Stacks 3 plugin required).

Theme Package.

RapidWeaver 8 Styles.
Aspen uses the latest RapidWeaver 8 Style controls for faster adjustments, with far greater control than ever before. Dial in the perfect amount of white space, or negative offset.

Top 20 Google fonts.

Get the perfect font feel with the top 20 Google Fonts covering a wide range of design styles. Mix and match multiple fonts, and Independently assign what font to use for separate website elements.

SSL & GDPR ready.

Aspen is 100% SSL compatible, and does not use tracking cookies. For GDPR compliance, Aspen also comes with 3 websafe fonts, to bypass external fonts from being loaded.

Responsive video + audio player.
Add YouTube and Vimeo embed videos that scale to any device screen size - with minimal setup. Aspen will also convert single audio files into a sleek, responsive audio player.

Zoom photo album.
Need a quick and elegantly way show off a batch of images? Aspen comes with a built-in Photo Album to quickly create simple image galleries with a smooth zoom viewing effect.

Designed by Nick Cates

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Supported by Realmac Software

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Designed by Nick Cates. Supported by Realmac.
Nick Cates designed and built the Aspen theme. Realmac Software now sell and support it so the RapidWeaver Community can continue to use and enjoy this amazing theme.

Client Ready
Do you make client websites with RapidWeaver? Aspen is ready to instantly impress your next client group meeting, with features and functionality you'd find in high-end websites.

Videos & Project Files.
Aspen comes with 10 video tutorials, to help you setup unique theme features. Aspen also comes with this demo project site. Often a good working example is all that's needed to understand proper setup, or jump start your next project!
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Aspen Theme
$39.99 USD
Package Includes
Aspen theme + RapidWeaver 8 project file (this website). Video and written tutorials. Sidebar Import stack. Banner Import stack. Split stack. Unlimited personal & commercial website use. 1 Year theme support. Lifetime theme updates.

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Features: Banner Import Stack. Autoplay Video Background. Animated Site Title. Parallax Effect. Drop Navigation. Site Logo Control. Scroll Down Advisor.

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