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Feature Fusion

These are just some of the elemental features you'll discover.


Component Library

Drag and drop our included library of components to build the website of your dreams.


Visual Page Builder

Build and design your website exactly as it appears in the browser.


Theme Studio

Create a consistent look and make global design changes in seconds.


Node Browser

The new Node Browser makes managing complex website layouts a breeze.


Global Components

Ensure your site design is modular and consistent.


Local Data

Separate your content from design by using local data stores.


Custom Components

Build your own Components inside the app with the powerful Elements language.


Responsive Design

Elements has a mobile first, responsive design system built right-in.

Built for macOS

Built from the ground-up to be a truly native macOS website builder.

RapidWeaver Elements for macOS Screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

Elements is our next-generation drag and drop website builder for macOS. Build and publish your own modern, responsive website without having to write a line of code.

We hope to ship the first alpha in June. Register using the form at the top of this page to be notified as soon as it’s available.

The pricing for Elements has not been finalised.

The first version of Elements is very much about building a solid new foundation for the future. We’re only a small team so can’t possibly build in every single feature request. However, we have built a robust open language so that anyone can build a custom element and create whatever they need.


This page was built with an in-development version of Elements