Why RapidWeaver?

RapidWeaver is a powerful, user friendly website builder that allows you to create modern, professional websites without writing a line of code. RapidWeaver manages everything and produces beautiful, responsive websites in minutes.

Step 1

Getting Started with RapidWeaver

This first video tutorial will walk you through the basics of getting up and running with RapidWeaver. If you're new to RapidWeaver, this is a must-watch video.

Step 2

Managing Resources

This video will walk you through managing resources inside of RapidWeaver, including adding images and folders into a new project.

Step 3

Publishing Your Website

If you’re still deciding on a hosting provider, and are looking for a company with roots in the RapidWeaver community, Chillidog is the official hosting partner of Realmac Software.

We have an in-depth guide that will walk you through publishing to your Chillidog Hosting account.

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