RapidWeaver 8 Press Kit

Realmac Software today announced a significant update to RapidWeaver, the company's critically-acclaimed website creation software for Mac. RapidWeaver 8 has got all the features users have come to know and love from the previous versions but has been significantly updated and improved in many areas. This is no small feat when you consider that RapidWeaver has been consistently updated and supported for the last 14 years, and shows no signs of stopping.

RapidWeaver has also built up a thriving community of third-party developers that have now created over 1,500 add-ons. Some of these fantastic add-ons can be seen over on the RapidWeaver Community Website; these add-ons allow users to build almost anything with RapidWeaver.

RapidWeaver 8 will be a paid upgrade, and its loyal users may be pleased to hear it won't be switching to a monthly or yearly subscription plan for the direct version. Buy it from Realmac Software, and it's yours to keep forever.

There are too many RapidWeaver 8 features to cover in-depth, so we'll highlight eight of the more noteworthy additions below.

1. Refined User Interface — Watch Video
The entire RapidWeaver 8 UI has had an overhaul and is now cleaner and slicker than ever. One of the significant enhancements that frequent users of RapidWeaver will enjoy is UI State Restoration. For example, if a user closes their project with the inspector visible, and the page they are working on selected, it will be in precisely the same state when they open it again later, letting them get back to work even faster.

2. New Resources Manager with Unsplash Support — Watch Video
Not only do users have access to their Photos Library from within the new Resources Manager, but they can also search Unsplash for free stock photos and drop them right into their projects; This makes adding banner images a breeze.

3. Responsive Device Simulator — Watch Video
RapidWeaver 8 comes with a brand-new “Device Preview” feature that enables users to view their site on a selection of devices without leaving the app. Best of all they can spawn multiple windows for different devices, such as an iPad Pro and an iPhone X, and will be automatically update as they make changes to their website.

4. Five Beautiful New Themes — Watch Video
All of the new themes use Bootstrap 4, so you users rest easy in the knowledge that their site will be fully responsive, and backed by modern, cross-browser tested, rock-solid code (and, if they are an advanced user, they have the power of bootstrap at their fingertips).

5. GDRP Support along with Best-In-Class Privacy — Watch Video
RapidWeaver 7 was already an excellent choice for the privacy conscious, but RapidWeaver 8 has gone even further and is now 100% GDPR compliant out of the box. We've worked hard to ensure all the official built-in themes are GDPR compliant, none of them makes calls to any third-party hosted libraries (such as JQuery or Google Fonts).

6. Social Graph & Twitter Support — Watch Video
RapidWeaver 8 now generates social media meta tags for you; This is three features in one as it works globally for all pages, on a per-page basis, and individually on each blog post.

7. Built-in .htaccess Editor — Watch Video
RapidWeaver 8 introduced ".htaccess" file editing, directly within the app. There's no need for an external FTP app or text editor, you can edit your .htaccess files right inside RapidWeaver. Best of all, RapidWeaver tracks edits and allows you rollback to a previous version — super handy if you make a mistake!

8. New Add-ons Manager — Watch Video
This new addons manager allows users to enable and disable plugins, themes, and stacks. They can be managed on an individual level or by the developer, this makes building websites faster and cleaner than ever before.

More information about the new features in RapidWeaver 8 is available on the Realmac website. Full-release notes can be found on the RapidWeaver 8 release notes webpage. It's worth noting that the entire Realmac Software website was created with RapidWeaver along with the help of two third-party plugs Stacks, and Foundry.

Pricing & Availability

RapidWeaver 8 for Mac is available now.

A full licence is priced at $99.99 for new users.
Upgrade pricing is available for existing users.

RapidWeaver 8 is available to download and buy directly from Realmac Software.

System Requirements

RapidWeaver 8 Requires macOS 10.12 or newer.
Compatible with Big Sur and runs natively on Intel and Apple Silicon M1 Macs.

About Realmac Software

Realmac Software is an award-winning, independent software company with a passion for the Mac. We're focused on developing useful software to help people build better websites. RapidWeaver is our flagship web design app for Mac, it's been in active development for over a decade and is still at the forefront of Mac-based web design tools.

We’ve never taken outside investment, which means that we answer only to our customers and each app our customers buy, helps ensure we can keep doing what we love.

Realmac Software was founded in November 2002 and is still going strong today in 2021.

Getting Started with RapidWeaver

If you've never used RapidWeaver before here's a couple of videos that show how you can build a basic site, and a more advanced site using plugins. For more videos please visit the RapidWeaver Tutorials Webpage.

Learn how to build and publish your first basic website with RapidWeaver 8.

Building an advanced responsive website with RapidWeaver 8, Stacks, and Foundry.

RapidWeaver 8 App Icon

Various sized icons all in PNG format with a transparent background.







RapidWeaver 8 Screenshots

JPG screenshots of RapidWeaver 8 on macOS.

RapidWeaver 8 Welcome Window

RapidWeaver 8 Welcome Window

Realmac Website built in RapidWeaver 8

The Realmac Software website built in RapidWeaver 8 using the Stacks, and Foundry addons

RapidWeaver 8 Themes & Simulate Window

RapidWeaver 8 Theme Pop-over & Simulate Window

RapidWeaver 8 Main UI

RapidWeaver 8 Main UI

RapidWeaver 8 Responsive Simulator

RapidWeaver 8 Responsive Simulator

RapidWeaver 8 Resources Browser with Photos and Unsplash Support

RapidWeaver 8 Resources Browser with Photos and Unsplash Support

RapidWeaver 8 Publishing, Preferences, and Notes

RapidWeaver 8 Publishing, Preferences, and Notes

RapidWeaver 8 Lifestyle Photos

High-res JPG photos. Please feel free to use and edit these photos to fit your editorial.

RapidWeaver 8 Welcome Window
RapidWeaver 8 Welcome Window
RapidWeaver 8 Welcome Window
RapidWeaver 8 Welcome Window