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RapidWeaver is a solid, well-crafted web design program.

Macworld September, 2016

RapidWeaver simplifies web development for Mac designers.

TechRepublic July, 2016

RapidWeaver might seem a little intimidating to the absolute beginner, but its a sound investment for anyone serious about building websites on the Mac.

iCreate Magazine June, 2016

RapidWeaver is one of the easiest ways to build a website from scratch without writing the whole thing yourself.

Cult of Mac May, 2016

RapidWeaver User Reviews & Testimonials

Russell Gilmour RapidWeaver Testimonial

Rapidweaver websites are limited only by your imagination. I’ve been using various versions of Rapidweaver for ten years now and I have never been disappointed with the results it brings.

Russell Gilmour

Rapidweaver is the best and easiest tool to make any kind of website, from my own site to every project I've worked on! 

Germán Yagüe
Germán Yagüe RapidWeaver Testimonial
Eddy Avonts RapidWeaver Testimonial

New, enhanced, faster, more features and a very smooth transition from RapidWeaver 6

Eddy Avonts

RapidWeaver 7 is hands down the best version yet! I just love the portable document feature, that alone makes my work so much easier when designing on multiple macs. 

Thomas Detlefsen
Michael Walker RapidWeaver Testimonial
Eddy Avonts RapidWeaver Testimonial

The new features in RapidWeaver 7 make it even easier to create great websites. Best update ever!

Christopher Watson

RapidWeaver 7 is lightyears more advanced than previous versions. If you're new or using a previous version, This IS the version to get!

Brad Halstead
Brad Halstead RapidWeaver Testimonial
Steven Jenkins RapidWeaver Testimonial

RapidWeaver 7 is the best yet! It's fast, fun to use and the way it utilizes the localhost so that you can truly preview the site is awesome!

Steve Jenkins

I appreciate the new publishing area, local export, and the possibility to browse the FTP location directly.

Anne Bourdon
Anne Bourdon RapidWeaver Testimonial
David Giliam RapidWeaver Testimonial

RapidWeaver allows me to make beautiful sites! The library of plug-ins lets me get as complex as I want, without a lot of manual coding. Clients love it!

David Gillam

RapidWeaver 7 is a big jump forward. Everything is easier and faster. Improvements everywhere you turn. I’m impressed!

Bruce Kieffer
Bruce Kieffer RapidWeaver Testimonial
Ricardo Ramos RapidWeaver Testimonial

RapidWeaver 7 is the upgrade I have been waithing for, the new health check and preview are fantastic tools that will make your websites fast and powerful.

Ricardo Ramos

Three years ago I decided to create a Web site for my quilt guild - writing HTML code. I was so frustrated and impulsively bought RapidWeaver. What a difference!

Carolyn Monson
Caroly Monson RapidWeaver Testimonial

RapidWeaver is a great powerful easy to use website builder for Mac that just keeps getting better with age.

William Cody Winter
William Cody Winter RapidWeaver Testimonial
William Villers RapidWeaver Testimonial

We have been using RapidWeaver exclusively to design and manage our corporate website since 2011. After several iterations and rewriting, what started as a couple pages worth of online presence is now a more complex, complete and professional website. RapidWeaver's ease of use and advanced functionality has always been there to support our growing demand.

William Villers

I use Rapidweaver everyday to manage a large business website with hundreds of pages. Rapidweaver is an asset.

Shubhanyu Jain
Shubhanyu Jain RapidWeaver Testimonial
Michael Malzahn RapidWeaver Testimonial

The easy way to create great websites, both for professionals and for DIY web designers.

Michael Malzahn

Without Rapidweaver and Stacks, I would not be making websites. It's as simple as that. A powerful tool that makes a difficult job simple and enjoyable.

Neil Wright
Neil Wright RapidWeaver Testimonial
Philippe Noel RapidWeaver Testimonial

For RapidWeaver, I have just three words. Unique, Easy, and Effective!

Philippe Noel

Being a Newbie to RapidWeaver, I was impressed at how easy it was to create an Amazing Website.

Michael Walker
Michael Walker RapidWeaver Testimonial
Philippe Noel RapidWeaver Testimonial

RapidWeaver helps even a novice quickly produce professional looking sites and gives flexibility to the expert as well. Add-on's extend capabilities even more to meet any need.

Jeffrey Jones

Rapidweaver adeptly toes a line that simultaneously serves both beginners and experts - quick and easy to begin with, but with virtually boundless potential.

Jason Bostick
Jabostick RapidWeaver Testimonial
Liz Cranfield RapidWeaver Testimonial

From simple websites, using built-in themes, to more complex fully feature sites. For novice and professional developers alike, Rapidweaver is inspiring, creative and fun to use. Thank you Realmac Software.

Liz Cranfield

Rapidweaver is a very nice web application for building both simple and complex websites. With friendly and great interface.

Boye Garmann
Boye Garmann RapidWeaver Testimonial
Matthias Regl RapidWeaver Testimonial

I've been working with RW4, RW5, RW6 and now RW7. It's a real pleasure to build sites and I just can't stop weaving!

Matthias Regl

Our Customers Agree, RapidWeaver is the best Website Builder for Mac.

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