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Get your website ranking higher in Google by using cutting-edge, industry standard, SEO techniques.


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Learn about essential SEO methods you can use to help increase the number of real people visiting your website.


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Expert SEO Advice from a multiple top spot ranking developer. Learn how to build a successful SEO campaign.

Essential RapidWeaver SEO Learning

Get practical SEO advice that you can apply to your website today! This video training course will teach you how to use industry standard best practices, tools, and strategies to create a website that is both indexed by search engines and easily found by real people.

  • All New Second Edition
  • URLs, Browser Titles, and Meta Tags
  • RapidWeaver's SEO Features
  • SEO friendly content structure
  • How blogging can improve your SEO
  • How to research keyword phrases
  • Internal and external link building

What people thought about the first edition of the RapidWeaver SEO Course

My blog traffic is going through the ceiling just by applying the tips in your SEO videos… and that’s just the tips from the first three videos!

Tim Teichert

I am confident that the RapidWeaver SEO Course will make a real difference to the visibility of my website and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested wanting to do the same.

Debbie Kendall

RapidWeaver SEO Videos

Each video explains an essential SEO aspect and allows for quick access to key topics in the future. You can Netflix-style binge watch the entire course, or dip in and out with individual lessons.

The Second Edition RapidWeaver SEO Course has all new content covering the latest SEO updates.

Badge Image Course Introduction

Let’s get started by looking at what we’ll be working on and the general setup of our RapidWeaver site.

Badge Image SEO Friendly URLs

What are SEO friendly URLs and how do you create them in RapidWeaver. We also talk about keywords in URLs.

Badge Image Browser Titles

Learn what a browser title is, where it’s used, and why it’s important for SEO.

Badge Image Meta Tags

Which meta tags are important for SEO and how do we add and edit them in our RapidWeaver projects.

Badge Image SEO Content (Part 1)

In this lesson we talk about how to design and structure your page content to be SEO friendly.

Badge Image SEO Content (Part 2)

Continue learning about SEO friendly content by learning which HTML tags should be used in different situations.

Badge Image SEO Friendly Homepage

Learn how to update a website’s homepage to be SEO friendly using the skills we’ve learned so far.

Badge Image SEO Friendly Pages

Next we take our SEO updates a step further and look at how to structure and update content pages on our site.

Badge Image Blogging for SEO (Part 1)

Learn why a blog can help your site’s SEO and how you should structure your blog content.

Badge Image Blogging for SEO (Part 2)

Learn how to tweak your blog posts to be more SEO efficient, and how to target future keywords.

Badge Image Keyword Research

Learn how to research and target the keywords and phrases real people are searching for in Google.

Badge Image Link Building

Link building is not only about getting quality inbound links to your site, but also linking internally. Find out more!

What Will I Learn?

Everything you need to know about SEO is covered in this essential RapidWeaver training course. Whether you’re creating a new site or updating existing content, you will find detailed, easy to follow videos explaining how to improve your site’s SEO score and rank higher in search engines.

Touch Bar Support
SEO Basics

New to SEO? Don't worry, we cover everything you need to know to get started!

Touch Bar Support
URL Structure

Ensure you page’s URLs are SEO friendly by adding keywords and matching them to your content.

Touch Bar Support
Keyword Research

Learn how to target the most relevant keywords for your target audience.

OpenGraph Support
Social Media Integration

Modern sites need some social integration, so we’ll teach you how to integrate important social media meta tags.

htaccess Editor
Meta Tags

Which keywords matter for SEO? Do I need a description? Worry not, this course explains meta tags in detail.

GDPR Compliant
Browser Titles

What is a browser title and
does it effect my SEO ranking? We have a dedicated video on optimising browser titles.

Improved User Interface
Content Structure

As they say in the SEO world: Content Is king! Learn how to structure your content for the best SEO results.

New Addons Manager
Link Building

Getting quality inbound links to your content (both external & internal) is a key, must learn, SEO feature.

New Themes
Blogging Techniques

Learn why having a blog can give your site an SEO boost, and get blogging tips for targeting future keywords.

New Resources Manager
RapidWeaver Tips

You’ll pick up some advanced tips and tricks to help speed up your RapidWeaver workflow.

Refined Snippets Manager

Using the correct HTML tags and attributes helps search engine bots correctly index your site.

Refined Snippets Manager
SEO Homepages

You’ll learn how to update your homepage to make it SEO friendly

New Resources Manager
SEO Pages

How can you best create content pages for SEO? A dedicated video will explain everything you need to know.

New Resources Manager
SEO Strategy

Having an SEO strategy in place can help reduce SEO fatigue and speed up the process.

So much more
So Much More

This list only scratches the surface of what you will learn in the our most popular training course!

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RapidWeaver SEO Course

Essential training for anyone wanting to rank higher in Google and increase traffic.

Become a RapidWeaver Pro

This course utilises three amazing addons to add some “nice to have” features. All the third-party addons used are optional, and every video can be applied to any site, however this means you’ll learn some advanced skills for Stacks, Total CMS, and Foundry — helping you become a RapidWeaver Pro.



Powerful, responsive layout, with over 800 stacks available.



Full control over the layout and design of your website.


Total CMS

Edit and manage your RapidWeaver sites online.

RapidWeaver SEO Course Lessons

We've recorded a dozen videos dedicated to improving your site's SEO. There’s hours of practical SEO advice you can start implementing on your site. Improve your SEO today!

  • Course Introduction 3 mins
  • SEO Friendly URLs 12 mins
  • Browser Titles 15 mins
  • Meta Tags 13 mins
  • SEO Content Part 1 16 mins
  • SEO Content Part 2 20 mins
  • SEO Friendly Homepage 25 mins
  • SEO Friendly Pages 21 mins
  • Blogging for SEO Part 1 11 mins
  • Blogging for SEO Part 2 12 mins
  • Keyword Research 15 mins
  • Link Building 9 mins

Learn how to rank higher in Google and increase traffic to your RapidWeaver site.

The RapidWeaver SEO course is perfect for any weaver looking to properly implement the best SEO practices. The lessons are short, easy to follow, and insanely helpful.

Chet Collins

I am confident that the RapidWeaver SEO Course will make a real difference to the visibility of my website and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested wanting to do the same.

Debbie Kendall

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