Online Blogging with RapidWeaver

Want to create a fully-featured blog in RapidWeaver that can be edited online? This course will teach you how you and your clients can publish content online with Total CMS, the complete CMS and blogging solution for RapidWeaver.

The RapidWeaver Total CMS Course teaches you how to create an online editable blog.

Built In RapidWeaver. Edited Anywhere.

Take your blogging to the next level and add online editing with Total CMS. At the end of the course you'll have a unique website built using Total CMS that will allow you to publish content via any web browser.
Best of all, it's quick and easy to setup — you'll be editing online in a matter of minutes!

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Build In RapidWeaver

Adding online editing can seem daunting, however Total CMS makes it easy. You'll continue to build and publish websites in RapidWeaver as you already do, but you'll be able to edit content via web browser.

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Edit Everything

Not only will you learn how to create a modern blog that can be edited from around the globe, you'll also be able to edit single pages (such as an about page), image galleries, event listings, page titles, and more.

eCommerce made easy
Simple Setup

With Total CMS there's no complicated setup — no databases, no server installation, no setup "wizard" — simply add the Total CMS stacks to your page and publish. It's almost too good to be true!

Modern, Mobile Store
SEO Friendly

Some platforms force you to use ugly URLs with query string parameters (yuck). You'll have URLs that are both professional and SEO friendly. You'll also have control over important SEO point scoring items like page titles.

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Powerful Editing

Choose between markdown editing or the WYSIWYG Hipwig editor — a powerful editor which gives you Word-like editing for easy text styling. It also supports images — just drag-and-drop your image to upload.

Search Included

No blog is complete without a search feature, that's why we have a full lesson dedicated to creating a unique search experience that you can customise to fit your needs. Search like never before.

Modern, Mobile Store

Want to get feedback on your posts, or create a community feel to your site? We'll show you how you can integrate both Facebook and Disqus commenting to each of your posts, so your visitors can interact with your content.

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Social Features

Know you need to add Twitter card support and OpenGraph meta tags, but don't know how? Don't worry, we'll make it easy for you, just follow along with the course and get all the latest social features setup in no time.

Featured Posts

Got a post you want to promote on your site? Suddenly had a surge of interest in an old post? We'll show you how you can feature these posts across your site in amazing, full page banners complete with special effects.

Everything You Need

This course will give you the tools you need to create a modern, beautifully designed blog in RapidWeaver. We cover everything from post creation, to commenting, to SEO friendly URLs, dynamic author avatars, client login, search, single page editing, related posts, and more.

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Total Compatibility

Everything you learn in this course can be applied to an existing RapidWeaver project, there's no need to start over. You're also free to use any theme (built-in or third-party) or a framework based tool (such as Foundation or Foundry). Total CMS works with every type of site imaginable.

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Expert Weaving

This entire course is dedicated to teaching you how to build amazing websites with RapidWeaver. You'll pickup some handy tips and tricks to speedup your daily workflow, watch as we cover some advanced features, and see how we use RapidWeaver in-house.

RapidWeaver Total CMS Course

Online blogging with RapidWeaver.

  • Setup and Configuration 7 mins
  • Creating Posts 7 mins
  • Listing Posts 15 mins
  • Viewing Posts 14 mins
  • Impact Banners 9 mins
  • Featured Posts 9 mins
  • SEO Friendly URLs 4 mins
  • User Login and Password Protection 6 mins
  • Adding Search 7 mins
  • Additional Pages 14 mins
  • Dynamic Avatars and Image Galleries 23 mins
  • Event Listings 12 mins
  • Browser Titles and Meta Tags 24 mins
  • Comments and Related Posts 18 mins
RapidWeaver CMS Course

RapidWeaver Total CMS Course

Learn how to use the complete CMS and blogging system for RapidWeaver. This course requires Total CMS & Stacks.


About The Instructor

Ben Counsell is a developer at Realmac who has fifteen years of experience building for the web. He runs the RapidWeaver Community and co-hosts The RapidWeaver Show podcast. In this series Ben shares his unique insight in to RapidWeaver Web Development to help you add online editing to RapidWeaver.

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