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Freshly Squeezed Image Compression Coming Soon for Mac. Sign-up below to get early access.

Juicy Image Compression

Squash was built exclusively for the Mac, that's why it's fast, fun, and powerful. Optimising the file size of your images shouldn’t mean making them grainy or blurred. Squash can maintain quality while reducing file size and saving space.

Squash for Mac Image Compression App

Drag & Drop Image Compression with no visible loss of quality

It's never been this quick and easy to optimise your images for web, email, social networks, and more...


Original Image | Squashed Image (JPEG Quality set to 40%)

Freshly Squeezed Features

We've squeezed in a tonne of delicious features, making this the juiciest compression app on the Mac.

Drop & Squash
Drop & Squash

Squash allows you to drop your files or folders right into the window or on the icon in the finder. It's Fast!

Convert PSDs to JPGs

Don't waste time in Photoshop. Squash can convert PSD, RAW, CR2 and TIFF files into JPGs.

Touch Bar Support
Built for Mac

Fully native with all the charm and features you've come to expect from great Mac apps.

Faster Uploads
Faster Uploads

Squash can reduce the file size of images for faster uploading, perfect for sharing on social media.

Batch Conversion
Batch Conversion

Doesn't matter if you drop just one image or a folder full of images. Squash can handle it.

Oddly Satisfying Sound
Oddly Satisfying Sound

Squash has oddly satisfying animation and sound. Once you've tried it, you'll be hooked!

Quality Compression
Quality Compression

Squash can compress JPG, and PNG images without losing visual quality, it works just like magic.

Name Changer
Name Changer

Overwrite your original files, or add a custom suffix to the filenames, the choice is yours.

Yup. Settings.

Squash allows you to tweak the level of compression to get the best from your images.

Learn how to squeeze the most out of Squash

Watch these videos to learn how to compress and convert many types of files with Squash for Mac.

Squash Teaser Video (0:14)

Getting Started with Squash (5:53)

Converting Different Images (3:00)

ImageOptim vs Squash vs JPEGmini

We're so confident that Squash is the best all round utility for compressing and converting images, we've put together a comparison chart so you can see for yourself.

ImageOptim Squash JPEGmini Pro
Available for Mac & iOS No Yes No
JPG Compression Yes Yes Yes
PNG Compression Yes Yes No
Convert PSD to JPG No Yes No
Convert PNG to JPG No Yes No
Custom Export Location No Yes Yes
Automatic File Renaming No Yes No
Remove Meta Data Yes Yes No
Available on the App Store No Yes Yes
Email Support No Yes Yes
Price $0 $10/yr $99

Squash for Mac Screenshots


Squash has a beautifully designed UI, coupled with stunning sound and animation. Compressing images has never been this fun.

Squash Benefits

Make your website load faster

If you're building a websites you need to make sure your images are as small as possible. If your website takes too long to load, potential customers will quickly move on.

Reduce the size of email attachments

No one likes to receive huge attachments via email, especially when some hosts even reject them. Use Squash to reduce the file size to ensure safe delivery.

Convert Screenshots (PNGs) into JPGs

The Mac saves screenshots as PNGs, but these are too big to quickly share online. Drop screenshots onto Squash and it will automatically convert them into JPGs.

Respects your Privacy

Squash compress your images locally on-device, nothing is sent to the cloud like online compression tools.

Convert PSDs in to JPGs for Clients

In a hurry and need to send a psd file to a client, but don't have time to launch Photoshop? Just drop it onto Squash and it'll be converted and ready to send in seconds.

Faster uploads when sharing

Don't waste your time or bandwidth waiting for uploads. Compress your images for faster uploading before you share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Slack.

Professionally designed and supported

Unlike other free compression tools, Squash is maintained by a professional team, meaning it will always be updated to work with the latest release of macOS.

Works on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

No matter where or how you work, Squash works on all your Apple devices.

Squash for Mac app

Squash is a beautiful little utility for your Mac.

Squash for Mac Icon

Squash 2 for Mac

Squash lets you squish the file size of images without loosing quality.

Requires Mac OS X 10.11 or newer. Compatible with High Sierra.

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