Batch resize and optimize images on macOS.

Squash 3 offers a way to quickly batch convert, optimize, and resize photos. But that's not all, apply layered watermarks, rename files, remove or edit private metadata, and so much more. Oh, and the basic features are now completely free to use. Forever.

Squash for Mac Icon

Requires macOS Big Sur or newer. Also available on Setapp.

Free to use,

Batch compress, resize, and more. All for free, forever.

Bulk photo editor.
Pro features included.

Purchase a license to unlock all the Pro features.

Universal App.
Optimised for M1.

Compatible with macOS Big Sur and Monterey.

12 months of new features and updates.

Purchase a license and receive all features and updates released within the next 12 months. The app is yours to keep and use, forever. Renew your license for another 12 months of updates.

No Subscription.

We're not fans of subscriptions for apps. So when you purchase Squash from our Store, it's yours to keep forever!

Everything you need to wrangle images. Fast.

Squash 3 has a growing selection of tools to help you batch process your photos faster than ever before. If you're a photographer, web developer or designer you'll find Squash will become an indispensable tool in your daily workflows.

Compressd Image
Resize Image
Edit Metadata
Edit Metadata
Enhance Photos
Watermark Images
Rename Files
A better compressor.

Watch this walkthrough by Matt Birchler over at A Better Computer run through how he converts large png screenshots into tiny jpgs.

First-class Mac App.

Squash 3 is a native, universal app built using Apple's latest technologies.

Universally Great.

Squash 3 is a Universal app. It runs stunningly well on the M1 and Intel based Macs.

Swiftly Written.

Don't settle for clunky electron apps. Squash is a native macOS app written in Swift.

Squash in the Press

Squash Video Tutorials

Learn more about using Squash for Mac to process your photos and images with this on-going series of video tutorials.

Squash Walkthrough

Watch this walkthrough to see just some of the features we've added to Squash 3.

New Feature: Presets

Customisable Presets allow you to save even more time when converting images.

New Feature: Watermarks

Add any number of image and text based watermarks to your photos with layers.

Bulk image compression app for Mac.

Optimising the file size of your images shouldn’t mean making them grainy or blurred. Squash can maintain quality while reducing file size and saving space.

Squash 3 Mac app can compress and convert images.

Batch Image Conversion

Drop in as many images and photos as you like and let Squash compress them into the format of your choice. Drop in some iPhone HEIC photos and convert them into standard jpg's for use with other apps or internet services.

Supported Export Formats

Squash 3 supports many popular and cutting edge formats. These include industry standard JPG, PNG, TIFF, and the newer WebP and AVIF formats.

The easy way to batch resize your photos.

No need to open a bloated image editing app to resize a photo, or try and setup up an action or script to bulk convert images. Squash's simple but powerful interface will let you convert a folder full of images in seconds. It's easy to use, yet powerful.

Squash 3 Mac app can  bulk resize images.

Batch Resize Images

Squash 3 support batch resizing images by Width, Height, Max Size, Percent, and Free Size. So however you need to resize your images, we have you covered.

Max (re)Size

The Max Size option is super handy when you have a mixture of portrait and landscape images and want the longest edge of the images to match.

Amazing photo effects.

Apply gorgeous filters and analog camera style effects to your photos. There's eight stunning filters built-in with plenty more available as additional filter packs.

One Click with Intensity

All the effects in Squash 3 can be dialled back with the handy intensity slider so you can make sure your photos get the exact look you want.

The above effects are a mixture of those built-in and those available in the Analog Filter Pack.

Get More Effects

Squash comes with a selection of built-in adjustments and filters, but more stunning effects are available as separate packs.

A light side and a dark side.

Switch between Dark and Light modes automatically or based on your system settings.
Squash contains everything you've come to expect from a great Mac experience.

Squash 3 Image Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 Image Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 Image Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 Image Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 Image Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 Image Compression App for Mac

Why should I use Squash?

Unsure if Squash would fit into your daily workflow? Here's just a few reasons why Squash is an essential image utility for every Mac user. Because first compressions matter

Cutting-edge compression support with AVIF and WEBP formats

You'll be hard pushed to find another native app on the Mac to compress AVIF and WEBP. It's just one of the many reasons why Squash is a hidden gem amongst a sea on mediocracy.

Convert HEIC to JPEG for free on the Mac

Quickly Convert iPhone HEIC photos to optimised JPEG files in a matter of seconds. Drop your HEIC based images onto Squash and hit Export. You don't even need to buy a copy of Squash for this, it's just one of the free features.

Convert PSD into JPG without Adobe Photoshop

In a hurry and need to send a psd file to a client, but don't have time to launch Photoshop? Just drop it onto Squash and it'll be converted and ready to send in seconds.

Convert PNG into JPG

The Mac saves screenshots as PNGs, but these are too big to quickly share online. Drop screenshots onto Squash and it will automatically convert them into JPGs.

Squash respects your privacy and works offline

There's plenty of online tools out there that offer compression services, but can you really trust them with your images? Squash compresses and converts your images locally on-device, nothing is sent or stored in the cloud.

Squash Features

Optimising the file size of your images shouldn’t mean making them grainy or blurred. Squash can maintain quality while reducing file size and saving space. Take a look at some of the features below and learn why this is a must have app for every Mac user.

Convert Image

Convert and Compress Photos

Batch convert and compress images from one format to another in a single click. Squash can output images as JPG, PNG, TIFF, WebP, and AVIF.

Resize Image

Resize Images

Squash can resize images by width, height, percentage, and more. If only changing size was as easy as this in real life.

Adjust Photos

Apply Adjustment

Enhance images with adjustments, like vibrance, blur, sepia, and more. Sharpen your images to make sure they look as sharp as you do!

Watermark Photos

Add a Watermark

Add a text or image based watermark to a batch of photos faster than ever before. Adjust size, location and transparency, it's easy, and fast.

Rename image files

Rename Files

Choosing new names for your compressed files is a case of setting a prefix, suffix, or select a new filename entirely. You can even have Squash 3 create files with sequential numbers as well.

Photo Filters

Apply Photo Filters

Apply gorgeous filters and analog camera style effects to your photos. 8 Filters are included. Additional Effect Packs available to purchase separately.

Edit metadata

Remove Metadata

Batch preserve or remove personal meta information on every photo. Does anyone actually read marketing copy these days?

Build custom presets

Custom Presets — NEW

Store your favourite settings as custom presets. For example you could save a preset that resizes, sharpens, exports and renames an image ready for use on your website. All in a single click.

Squash for Mac Icon

Squash 3 for macOS

Squash 3 is a Universal app and requires macOS Big Sur or newer.

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