Our Juicest Update. Ever.

Squash 1.0 launched in 2015, now with the launch of Squash 3 it's the biggest update ever. Squash 3 has been re-written from the ground-up as a Universal app and runs great on macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.

Freshly Squeezed Image Compression

Optimising the file size of your images shouldn’t mean making them grainy or blurred. Squash can maintain quality while reducing file size and saving space. Take a look at some of the features below and learn why this is a must have app for every Mac user.

Drop & Squash

Drop, squash, and roll

Drop images or folders onto Squash and let it roll. Okay, so there's no "roll", but "export" didn't really have the same ring to it.

Drop & Squash

Not everything is black and white

But with this feature it can be! Batch convert your photos into monochrome, fifty shades of grey has never looked so good.

Drop & Squash

It's a real name changer

Rename files with a prefix, suffix, or just replace them entirely. There's also a flexible sequential number engine. Oooh fancy!

Drop & Squash

You're looking sharp today!

If first impressions matter, then this is an essential feature. Sharpen up your images to make sure they look as sharp as you do!

Drop & Squash

Make your watermark

Just like cats, photographers watermark what belongs to them. With squash you'll be able to watermark images, faster than ever before.

Drop & Squash

Sizes does matter

It's true, size really does matter. And in this case, smaller is better. Squash was designed to squeeze in all the right places.

Drop & Squash


Squash can resize images by width, height, percentage, and more. If only changing size was as easy as this in real life.

Drop & Squash

Batch It Up

Small batch, big batch, Squash doesn't care. Drop in as many images as you like and let Squash do the work.

Drop & Squash

Oh so meta

Batch preserve or remove personal meta information on every photo. Does anyone actually read marketing copy these days?

Drop & Squash

Output like never before

Squash has one of the best selection of output formats, including: JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP and AVIF.

Squash 3 Screenshots

Squash is built exclusively for the Mac, it contains everything you've come to expect from a great Mac experience.
It includes full support for the latest macOS technologies, and Mac hardware.

Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac
Squash 3 IImage Compression App for Mac

A First-Class Mac Citizen

Squash 3 is a native, universal app built using Apple's latest technologies.

Universally Great

Squash 3 is a Universal app. It runs stunningly well on the M1 chip, and rather well on Intel based Macs too!

Light or Dark Side

Switch between Dark and Light modes automatically based on your system settings.

Good Citizen

Support for split screen mode and system accent colour makes Squash look gorgeous however you use Mac.

Drag, Drop, Squash

Drag and drop your photos into Squash or onto the Dock icon. It works just like magic.

Swiftly Written

Squash is a native macOS app written in Swift and SwiftUI — No electron or web wrapper in use here.

Sounds Delightful

The sound and music design in Squash is from award-winning music composer, Josh Mobley.

Squash for Mac Icon

Squash 3

Benefits of using Squash for Image Compression

Here's just a few reasons why we think Squash is the best compression app on the Mac.

Cutting-edge compression support with AVIF and WEBP formats

You'll be hard pushed to find another native app on the Mac to compress AVIF and WEBP. It's just one of the many reasons why Squash is a hidden gem amongst a sea on mediocracy.

The best HEIC to JPEG Converter app for Mac

Quickly Convert iPhone HEIC photos to optimised JPEG files in a matter of seconds. Drop your HEIC based images onto Squash and hit Export. That's it.

Convert PSDs into JPGs without Adobe Photoshop

In a hurry and need to send a psd file to a client, but don't have time to launch Photoshop? Just drop it onto Squash and it'll be converted and ready to send in seconds.

Convert large PNG screenshots into smaller JPGs

The Mac saves screenshots as PNGs, but these are too big to quickly share online. Drop screenshots onto Squash and it will automatically convert them into JPGs.

Squash respects your privacy and works offline

There's plenty of online tools out there that offer compression services, but can you really trust them with your images? Squash compresses and converts your images locally on-device, nothing is sent or stored in the cloud.