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Why Choose RapidWeaver?

RapidWeaver has been in active development for over 12 years, it's also one of the easiest to use website builders on the Mac. It has over 1,000 third-party add-ons, Knowledge Base, User Forum, Free Video Tutorials, Paid Training Courses, Newsletter, Weekly Podcast, User Website Gallery, and there's even a Conference!

No other Mac web design app comes close to offering the support and flexibility of RapidWeaver.

Build anything from a small personal site, to an online commerce store. RapidWeaver is powerful enough to grow with you and your Business. Why be reliant on someone else to build or update your site for you. RapidWeaver will put you in control.

Still not convinced?

This entire website was built with RapidWeaver!

RapidWeaver 7 Screenshot

Powerful Web Design Features

Over the last ten years RapidWeaver has been continually developed, and improved. We believe it's best website building app on the Mac.

Build Anything
Build Anything

Build a blog, a portfolio, a website for your new business or even an online store. Anything is possible.

SEO Optiimised
SEO Optimised

RapidWeaver generates code that search engines love, and makes sure search engines know about your website.

Works Offline
Works Offline

No internet connection? No worries, you can still use and build websites while offline.

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly

RapidWeaver allows you to easily build professional, mobile-friendly websites. No code required.

Browser Compatible
Browser Compatible

All the code that RapidWeaver publishes looks great in your favourite browsers - even Internet Explorer.

Unlimired Websites
Unlimited Websites

Online tools limit the number of sites you can create. RapidWeaver allows you to create as many as you like.

No Code Required
No Code Required

Don’t know HTML? Don’t worry. You can build an entire site without writing a single line of code.

Publish Anywhere
Publish Anywhere

Publishing your site has never been easier: RapidWeaver cleverly only uploads files that have changed.

RapidWeaver Addons
1000’s of Addons

Extend your site, with more than 1,000 addons available: online stores, fluid layouts, new designs and much more!

Designed Exclusively for Mac OS X

What our users are saying…

Three years ago I decided to create a Web site for my quilt guild - writing HTML code. I was so frustrated and impulsively bought RapidWeaver. What a difference!

Carolyn Monson
Caroly Monson RapidWeaver Testimonial
Russell Gilmour RapidWeaver Testimonial

RapidWeaver websites are limited only by your imagination. I’ve been using various versions of Rapidweaver for ten years now and I have never been disappointed with the results it brings.

Russell Gilmour

Being a Newbie to RapidWeaver, I was impressed at how easy it was to create an Amazing Website.

Michael Walker
Michael Walker RapidWeaver Testimonial
Philippe Noel RapidWeaver Testimonial

RapidWeaver helps even a novice quickly produce professional looking sites and gives flexibility to the expert as well. Add-on's extend capabilities even more to meet any need.

Jeffrey Jones

Join The RapidWeaver Community Today

Not only is RapidWeaver packed full of features, it’s also infinitely expandable. There’s almost 1,000 addons available, you can browse all of them over on the RapidWeaver Community website.

RapidWeaver Themes

Themes are the templates and designs that give your site its distinctive look. There’s hundreds of responsive designs available from third parties, giving your site that unique look.

RapidWeaver Plugins

Plugins allow you to create custom pages beyond the page types included with RapidWeaver. From email forms, to carousels, to eCommence, there are plugins for every type of site.

RapidWeaver Stacks

The incredibly popular Stacks even has its own type of addon - these widgets allow you to create diverse custom layouts within a Stacks page. To give you an idea of what’s possible… this entire page you're looking at now was built using it.

RapidWeaver Projects

Your RapidWaver websites are saved as project files, this makes it easy to transport and share your sites with other RapidWeaver users. Not only that but it's easy to save revisions and back them up with RW 7's new auto-backup feature!

RapidWeaver Stacks

RapidWeaver has a helpful forum full of friendly users. Head over and join in the conversation, it’s one of the fastest ways to get help when building websites.

RapidWeaver Projects

New tutorial videos are added every week, covering everything from Getting Started to making your website super-fast and SEO friendly.

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Proudly Built with RapidWeaver

This website was built with RapidWeaver. You can also view some of the best user submitted sites around in our Made with RapidWeaver Gallery.

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