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Squash 3 for Mac enters early access on June 21st

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Realmac Software, the company behind the well know web building app RapidWeaver, have announced a significant update to Squash, the popular batch image compression app for Mac.

Squash 3 for Mac has been in development for over six months and has been rewritten from the ground-up using all the latest Apple technologies. The entire app has been reimagined with a complete new user interface and tonnes of useful new features.

What does Squash do?

Squash 3 offers a way to quickly batch process images. Everything from resizing, converting, applying filters, to compressing, and renaming.

Built to be fast and easy to use, Squash 3 simply asks that you drag your photos or images onto it and select what you'd like it to do. That's it. No complication, no fuss. And all in an app that's right at home on modern Macs running macOS Big Sur.

A user interface with charm and character

Squash 3 has moved away from the flat design trends of the past few years and introduced a more rounded UI, with drop shadows, gradients, and playful sounds. It's also introduced a gloriously skeuomorphic icon that still sits nicely in the macOS Big Sur dock.

An interesting note about the new photo filter system

All of the vintage camera effects and borders that were built into Analog for Mac (and iOS) are now available for Squash 3 as filter packs.

A Short History: Analog for Mac launched back in 2011 and was a much loved app by many Mac users around the world. Unfortunately, Analog was acquired by another company and never improved upon. For many years, Analog was left to rot in the digital graveyard, due to system compatibility it was eventually removed from sale. Rather than let all that engineering and the meticulously researched vintage effects go to waste, Realmac Software reacquired Analog for Mac and iOS in 2020 and ported the effects system into Squash 3.

Want a free copy of Squash 3 (or have a question)?

If you'd like a copy of Squash for review or coverage purposes please email Dan Counsell (Founder): [email protected]

Pricing and Availability: $24.99 / June 21st 2021

Users interested in downloading Squash 3 before the official launch later in the year can sign-up for early access at realmacsoftware.com/squash/

Squash 3 for Mac is launching on June 21st 2021 as an early access release, it will be available directly from Realmac Software with a 20% discount for those that joined the early access program.

  • A full licence is priced at $24.99 (USD) for new users
  • Existing users of Squash can upgrade to version 3 for $18.99 (USD)

Squash 3 users will receive 12 months of free app updates and features as part of their purchase. This is a licensing system and not a subscription.

Users own the version of Squash 3 they paid for, including all the updates and features released within the next 12 months. The app is theirs to keep and use, forever.

System Requirements:

Squash 3 Requires macOS 10.14 Big Sur or newer.

Squash 3 is universal app and runs natively on Intel and Apple Silicon M1 Macs.

Tentpole features:

  • The ability to convert iPhone's HEIC images and optimise them for use elsewhere, whether that's as a JPG file, TIFF, PNG, WebP or AVIFF.
  • Squash 3 can handle multiple files simultaneously. Whether you're working with one file or hundreds, Squash can handle it.
  • A simple drag and drop interface. No clunky importing workflows here. Find the photos and images you want to work with, drag them into Squash 3, and you're done.
  • Apply gorgeous filters and analog camera style effects to your photos. 8 Filters are included. Additional Effect Packs available to purchase separately.
  • Similar to filters found in social media apps like Instagram, a number of filters come pre-configured and can be used to apply a look and feel to a batch of images at once, all with a press of a button.
  • Choosing new names for your compressed files is a case of setting a prefix, suffix, or select a new filename entirely. You can even have Squash 3 create files with sequential numbers as well.
  • Apply image and text based Watermarks with our new layered watermarking system
  • Save Presets for your most commonly used setups.

Single line highlights: What can Squash 3 do?

  • Batch convert, resize, and compress images from one format to another in a single click.
  • Convert iPhone's HEIC images into jpgs that can be used elsewhere.
  • Resize a folder full of images, faster than you can open Photoshop.
  • Apply gorgeous photo filters to multiple images.
  • Enhance images with adjustments, like sharpen, vibrance, sepia, and more.
  • Bulk rename files ready for uploading.
  • Remove personal location metadata from photos.
  • Apply image and text based Watermarks.
  • Save presets.

Use case examples: Who is Squash 3 for?

Squash 3 is a great app for anyone who works with photos and images, whether daily for work or just for personal use. Here's just a few of many examples.

  • Photographers use Squash 3 to take a catalogue of their images and easily apply their watermark before sending them to a client or uploading them to the web.
  • Web developers can use Squash 3 to quickly and easily convert images to another format while reducing the file size at the same time.
  • Journalists and Bloggers can use Squash 3 to convert large PNG screenshots into minuscule JPG files before uploading them to their CMS of choice.
  • iPhone users can easily turn their HEIC files into a more compatible format for use with other apps and phones.
  • And so much more…

Links and Contacts

Squash 3 was created by Realmac Software in the UK.

Squash 3 Website: https://www.realmacsoftware.com/squash/

App Support: [email protected]

Dan Counsell Founder of Realmac Founder: [email protected]

About Realmac Software

Realmac Software is an award-winning, independent software company with a passion for the Mac. We're focused on developing useful software to help people build better websites. RapidWeaver is our flagship web design app for Mac, it's been in active development for over a decade and is still at the forefront of Mac-based web design tools.

We’ve never taken outside investment, which means that we answer only to our customers and each app our customers buy, helps ensure we can keep doing what we love.

Realmac Software was founded in November 2002 and is still going strong today in 2021.

Squash 3 Videos

A selection of Squash 3 videos hosted on the Realmac Software YouTube Channel.

Squash 3 Icons

Squash 3 comes with a selection of icons available to choose from in the General preference pane.